May 21, 2011

Tips for Blind date..How to know the person is calculative or not..?

For me first date it is important to know some1.whether u like it or not u must go through all of this to be paired.You must give a good impression for your first just only my views..


Suppose to be,the 1ST should treat know the person is calculative or not, ask him to watch a movie or anything that can describe him ,look who are paying the cost..?

U can judges the person before u are having a 1st date..ask he/she to call u..then u see,whether he/she give any excuses..SOME people are very miser and cheapskate to spending (later decide whether u want to go out with he/she)

* Confident: For women please don’t wear clothes too low cut,.this is for your safety.. wear comfortable clothing that bring your confident,.

* Plz be yourself: Don’t be shy..juz eat like usually..if u are hungry..but if you are not paying the cost,don’t order too much food like u never eat 100 years,.(BElasah jer,like me..!)

* Mind your Manners: Persons who eat too much are called gluttons ..have a polite and courtesy behavior [After eat clean your teeth.can use teeth powder..=) ]

* Respect: Don’t ask the personal matter.(family/ex-bf or gf). Especially men,they don’t like this type of question.. past is past. U are not reviewer.

* Clean vs Dirty: make sure your nails,teeth,clothing etc,avert from untidy or messed up.Dont bitting ur nails..=/

This is only my views .. okeyh !

Mind your words and don’t shows your offensive behavior “