May 18, 2011

u failed in UPSR,does not meant yang kau akan gagal selamanya..pmr or spm..orang yang x berjaya dlm spm pon..only get one A,if they want to change to further study akan berjaya..the most important thing is "niat" if u are always be the best student,is not meant it will be permanently.. life always up and down

i wrote this because i feel sad.. some people he or she have ability in specific subject can't get it what they want because their parents keep pushing.. how poor..ade sesetengah parents think that,only if their children further study in science u can have bright future.. why this happen i also dun know.. at the end.. there is nothing..

yg di kendong tak dapat..yang di kejar berciciran..for me parents should give support and not put their children under not force..if they want to further in account or literature just be the supporter,.remember ALLAH is Maha one blink of ur eyes a lot of thing can changes..


* gagal dalam upsr,pmr,spm.stpm.or whatsoever..u are only the one can change ur future

* PLZZ..!!choose the right course that u can carry

* parents be the not condemn..encouragement is important

* the most not put the blame on others..if u or ur children is wrong..juz admit it

* friends is compulsory..friends can be whoever u want but do not follow if they want to do stupid things.

* you must need social life,but do not go overboard..

kite semua boleh berjaya..tak kira dlm what type of strong..klu nak dengar cakap mulut orang yang asyik judges but they are do useless..!!