Aug 14, 2011

Sorry for what i've done ..

what I've done.. no one can envisage future..they says can predict the future. Are they clairvoyant don't think so..No one can do that..i doubt that. Miserable failure? Are u going to cry or u learn to how to live?

I am still learning from my past experiences..i hope u too.. sometimes must let go what i shouldn't..if we are meant to be, there is nothing to worry about.

I am not a adviser that need to teach n tell you everything.

The story of life is about u have to rat race Every single must try to be the number one..yes you must..I choose my future..and sorry..I've to let it go..i pray the best for you.. i really hope you can do the best to get what you want..plz


  1. :'(
    I'm crying while read this entry.
    Pray for everyone's happiness! :)

  2. believing qada' dan qadar..
    sometimes,we need to decide..and force to choose