Oct 11, 2011

Bukit Tinggi ..so what kalau dalam MALAYSIA??

.. HERE i come with loves ..

what are you looking at? wanna get bash !! (chill yah)

MAk.. o mak.. merah datang pki kimino merah,.. keluar lah mak oii

i dont remember the exact date,but i with my few frens and other special frens (perlu ke nak mention?xperlu ar nk buat org tau ) went to the BUKIT TINGGI which located at PAHANG,border to enter Selangor.The location actually not really Pahang. =)
we set off about 10.00 am and arrived at 12.00 pm.Actually this is our xtvt before WE GET TROUBLE in our final exam.(but this entry i wrote after my final papers finish..(YE'HOOOOO)

Seriously is quite interesting especially when i went to JAPANESE HOUSE. HEY..i grabbed a chance to wore kimino AND of course u have to pAY if u want to wear it.(RM20 FOR half an hour).
but is slightly tired which need you to walks when you reached at this hills.they do not provide cars,all you need to do is keep walking to watch every single precious views.

i think is really 100x worth it if u want to spent your hoNEY MAdu at this COLMAR TROPICALE BERJAYA HILLS RESORT especially if u are under budget (jgn nak PARIS sgt lah ). Malaysia is the best,kite kan malaysian.If im not mistaken the cost is about RM300 For 3 days 2 night per person.

p/s : i love to be Malaysian..do you huney ??


  1. salam.. nk tye nak masuk bukit tinggi kena bayar berapa? mcm best tgok awak pye post nie.