Nov 4, 2015

Little Pantry IOI Mall Puchong is totally out , tak sedap !

heyyyyy there ?

been heard about Little Pantry IOI Mall Puchong?

Here is my second visit to Little Pantry IOI MALL, and i swear i wont take any steps in this place
again. SERVICE was so  BAD as i need to raised my hand so many times in order to get my menu and order. FOOD?? i can cook better , at least i wont get "Nasi keras " and oily food . It was a long time ago i been there, maybe 2 years back. Then this year, i chose this place for birthday celebration..i always expecting that i would get what i should get as i pay for it.

I ordered nasi lemak, pasta, stuffed chicken mushroom , grill fish , watermelon juice , mocha ,..
semua nya hancur ! i wasted my money . i never complaint like this before as im not too fussy, but you spent more that 200myr for these. such a waste. nasi lemak nasi keras sambal hangit , stuffed chicken mushroom tak nampak mana yg mushroom dia dengan ayam potong dadu, watermelon juice letak pewarna kot sampai rasa pahit kt tekak. pasta masam !Pasta Masam ! but i just snap these 2 pic..

let me share two pictures .. here we go

ready to eat an oily pasta with a little bit rasa masam ! not fresh at all

I tried to hancur kan ayam ni, as i want to know how much mushroom should be inside there. mengecewakan..

P/S: Dont just taste by it price, sometimes Pasar Malam food could be better. oyahhhhhh.. maybe staffs required a lot of training.. byeeeeeeeeee