Jul 12, 2014

Pengalaman Praktikal di Bursa Malaysia ..

Assalamualaikum.. Hai..

How to apply internship in BURSA MALAYSIA?
Cara-cara memohon praktikal di Bursa Malaysia?


Tak nak sembang banyak banyak.. malas nak type.. tapi nak update pengalaman praktikal di Bursa Malaysia..
too much knowledge I have gained in Bursa Malaysia.. YES, thanks for this opportunity ..

First, macam mana nak praktikal di Bursa Malaysia ni ?

1) Mula mula apply lah.. email je dkt HR.. ( boleh call customer service)

2) HR akan reply if there is any places for practical students.. Tq En. Azrol , you being so nice to handle and approved my application 

3) my position was in  Bursa Malaysia Derivatives

4) Basically Derivatives is future market and aku rasa paling awesome sebab byk xtvt in Derivatives department. Paling banyak activitives in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives

5) Bayaran Practical in Bursa Malaysia ? okay rahsia.. nak tahu.. apply lah ! DO NOT ASK ME HOW MUCH I GOT PAID ! MY MAIN REASON IS ONLY FOR KNOWLEDGE ..

nak post gambar dekat Bursa Malaysia ni memang banyak.. banyak sangat outdoor xtvt.. sebab apa.. sebab time aku practical ni.. Bursa Malaysia was about to launched the new product which is FPOL.. futures palm olien..


These is some of the pictures in Grand Hyatt Hotel.. Breakfast with all the Brokers in Malaysia.

In Bursa Malaysia.. Played with the Bear N Bull.. It was stand for Bullish N Bearish Market

Famiy Holiday in i-city.. All the interns were invited too,.
yg depan sekali bukan yg pakai cap tu, he was my enemy in Bursa Malaysia.. he such a good guy and partner waktu dalam team Product and Development in Bursa Derivatives..Kerja cari gadoh dgn aku hari hari..  Thanks Aliff aka Dragon sangat.. trademark dia " bak mai datang ! "

Let me introduce.. Naquib.. He was a good guy in Bursa.. Helping me a lot when i was there.. dia pun intern jugak.. again, Thanks Naquib for the Lunch..hasil  Duit gold sedap sgt..
 Sebelah tu, MR.SREE.. Boss kepada Naquib.. sangat baik and flexible.. very humble and he was a good boss ..

 part of the interns.. campur campur.. ada yang dari USM,UITM and UIA :)

ALAHHHHH... blur sikit gmbr ni.
yg baju biru tu ,my boss. Mr .Moriazi , baik sangat.. look like chinese but malay rupa nya.. 
i cant put into words, how kind and humble he was.. you guys, if dpt dia as your supervisor.. untung sangat..

POC 2014 In Shang Ri-La .. SANGAT BEST.. AWESOME 

It was a Great experience I have gained in there..
I strongly recommend, those in Finance Course who still seeking for practical places.. 
please do apply in Bursa Malaysia..
Trillion Thanks to Mr. Chong Kim Seng ( CEO in BMD) , Mr.Moriazi,Mr. Jeffry , Mr. Suresh,Vincent and for those who were willing taught me through ups and downs in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

you may DM me thru IG NURKHADIJAH19,. it takes time for me to reply. but i will .. bye LOVE


  1. How was the qualification? Thank you 😊

  2. salam sis , nk tanya ape email untuk apply intern dkt bursa eh? sy nk sgt intern kt sini. thx sis.

  3. those yang berminat or nak tahu details.. can contact me through instagram @laureweng . sorry sis jarang check komen kt sini.. BYEEEEEEEEEEEE