Jan 19, 2016

Dragon Crest Mountain , Krabi Thailand ( Ngorn Nark, Thailand )

Hey there ? Finally i got time to post something here..

I went to Krabi, Thailand and the main reason ..  it was because of Phi Phi Island. let me share the most wonderful place where it was located near to Tup Keak , Thailand.

Dragon Crest Mountain, Thailand also known as Ngorn Nark. Located near to Tup Keak Beach and Klong Muang Beach. So for those who loves to do hiking  you can go to this mountain and put it in your list !
Where is the location of Dragon Crest Mountain? I took my journey from Ao nang Beach and it tooks 45 minutes from Ao nang Beach to this location as I traveled by motorcycle. If u guys are planning to go here from Krabi Town , I can assume the journey will be around 35 minutes. 

The jungle trails total is 3.7 km and the average time to reach at the peak and to going down was around 4 hours. But again, it depends on your fitness level. For those who are not really into hiking , the time taken probably different and sometimes it takes more than 5 hours. My advise is better you start to hike in the morning ( 9am-11am).

Read the notice before you hike. Do's and Don'ts

Read the map carefully and stick with your own group. Don't worry, along the journey there was a sign and follow the sign carefully.

It was easy at the beginning and after 20 minutes you can feel you calf muscles start to burn and it was a good feeling. For hikers and for those who has strong fitness level you can reach at the top within 2 hours without non-stop. There are signs along the way , so follow the signs properly and don’t lose your track

This picture was almost reached at the summit , another few hundred meters  and it was awesome to get an opportunity to be here..

I am dendrophile. a person who loves trees and forests. I love nature so much !

Look deep into nature and you will understand your life better. Study about nature and it will never fail you. 

How to go there? Read Below:

1. The jungle trails total 3.7 KM
2. 1853 feets above sea level
3. Located about 40 minutes if go by motorcycle from Ao Nang Beach
4. You can't find this place through waze neither google maps
5. Use manual map and try to waze klong muang beach/ tup keak beach as your landmark
6. For those who got very strong fitness level can finish it around 2 hours to climb without non stop . It might be around 3 to 4 hours for normal people
7. Overall it takes around 5 to 6 hours to climb and to going down. 
8. Have Fun !

Please take note that you won't find this place through google maps or waze. My advise it better to put Klong Muang Beach or Tup Keak Beach as landmark. I suggest you to ask people around there if you are not sure. I traveled by my own where i rent a motorcycle to go there. The cost to rent a scooter was around ( 200 baht which is equal to MYR20). 

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